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It’s been 5 years!!

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Hard to believe I have been blogging for 5 years! If I didn’t have a record of it I probably wouldn’t believe it!

Last year saw another 30 new blogs posts published, and that doesn’t count my 4 posts for the SolarWinds Thwack Ambassador program or my blog post or two for the Cisco Champion program! And here I thought I’ve been slacking on my blog posts, but I still got over 30 different posts published out there on the web last year! In the last year I am ecstatic to say this blog is seeing around 18k+ visitors a month!

Some of the top posts for 2015. (It’s the recent overhaul to WordPress I can’t see my overall ‘Top’ Stats)

  1. CCIE: Data Center Study Links Page
  2. Routing on a Cisco 2960 Catalyst Switch
  3. Verifying IPSec Tunnels
  4. IKE Main Mode, Aggressive Mode, & Phase 2
  5. Understanding a Wi-Fi Connection

Well, here is to another year! Like all my previous years I’ve got a handful of posts in my drafts pile getting ready to get published! SourceFire, More Wireshark Tid-bits, Wireless, and more Route/Switch topics!

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September 14, 2015 at 9:00 AM

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Field Trip: Networking Field Day

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Very excited to announce I was invited to participate in Networking Field Day #9.

The first question is: What is Networking Day? Well it is an event where we (networkers) get to participate, listen, and interact with various different vendors.

And I’ll be joining a great group, a few of which I’ve met at the last few Cisco Live’s and some of which I’ll be meeting for the first after many interactions on Twitter and the Web.

  1. Bob McCouch
  2. Brandon Carroll
  3. Brandon Mangold
  4. Charles Galler Jr.
  5. Ivan Pepelnjak
  6. Jody Lemoine
  7. John Herbert
  8. Jonathan Davis
  9. Jordan Martin
  10. Lindsay Hill
  11. Nick Buragilo
  12. Pete Welcher
  13. Me – Steve Occhiogrosso

Which vendors will be at Networking Field Day #9, well there will be a few of them:

  1. Brocade
  2. NEC
  3. CloudGenix
  4. Cumulus
  5. Cisco
  6. NetBeez
  7. Pluribus Networks
  8. Velocloud
  9. SolarWinds

This looks like a very interesting line-up It’s got some bigger players and some newer players that look to be offering some very intriguing products products. Everything from ‘SDN WANs’ to Network Monitoring.

This whole event will be streamed live so you can watch as everything unfolds! I’ll post the link soon!

Written by Stephen J. Occhiogrosso

January 20, 2015 at 9:00 AM

Hello 2015!

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Hard to be believe 2014 is gone and and 2015 is here! Yea I know we are already a few days into 2015 but hey for some reason I still hear people saying “Happy New Year”, much like I still Christmas decorations out.

So what’s in store in for 2015!? Well we are going to find! I got a few things on my punch list: (always got to keep thinking ahead right?!)

  • Finish my CCNP: Data Center
  • Knock out the WCNA, Wireshark Certified Network Analyst. Figure by now I’ve got a decent amount of time clocked using Wireshark
  • Maybe brush up on some wireless technologies, my CWNA is about a year an half old now and renewal is slowly creeping up. Or maybe look at the CCNP: Wireless, but I don’t think that track has been updated in a while.
  • Deepen my knowledge of Voice.
  • Been debating on expanding the videos available on this blog. Or maybe even doing a podcast, I’ve bouncing the idea off the wall for quite some time now. Of course the term podcast might be an over-statement I’m thinking of maybe some recording technical discussions amongst friends.

It’s always nice to reflect on the past and what 2014 provided:

  • CiscoLive 2014 San Francisco, met up with a great people again and had a blast, learning some new things in the process!
  • Twitter – Got to admit Twitter is always fun and amazing resource. Big shout-out to the people that make my twitter entertaining and and lively!
  • Cisco Champions – Interacting with another great group of networking enthusiasts is always a great experience!
  • Exams!! I Think I knocked out 7-8 exams last year, finishing off my CCNP: Security, getting my CCNA: Data Center and falling one exam short of my CCNP: Data Center. I’m really starting to think the toughest part of getting a certification is acting finding the time to make it to testing center! But boy was 2014 a busy year.
  • SolarWinds Thwack Ambassador, got to post articles involving VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting for month over at Thwack. Being able to interact with a community that great was a real treat in itself!
  • 27 New posts went up on this blog, that is honestly much more than I thought I did, putting me well past the 100 post mark!
  • I might need to a running count on the number of bottles of Whisk(e)y I drink this year.
  • Too much more to even mention!

Here’s to 2015!

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January 5, 2015 at 9:41 PM

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Blogging for 3 years now!

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Another year down!

Time flies when you are having fun right! Last year my blog was seeing around 3600+ visits a month, now I am seeing stats from 5,300 views to 7,400 views a months! A large jump from previous years, nowadays I get as many views in a month as I did for my whole first year of blogging! It just goes to show you what is possible when you put your mind to something and stay dedicated to a cause (or your career in this case). I can only image the statistics I will being next year, just thinking about it motivates me to write more!

Top 5 articles for the year: (Still a majority of these posts are wireless related!)

  1. Understanding a Wi-Fi connection with 7,224 views (10,442 All-time views)
  2. Wireless networking and the 5 Ghz RF range with 2,751 views (4,878 All-time views)
  3. Packet Flow through a Cisco ASA with 2,331 views (2,970 All-time views)
  4. Cisco WLC Interfaces with 2,174 (4,242 All-time views)
  5. Let’s look at 802.11 beacon frames with 1,881 view (3,838 All-time views)

Total visits to the blog to date: 111,071!!!!! (Over double of last year’s stats!)

Written by Stephen J. Occhiogrosso

September 8, 2013 at 12:44 PM

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CCIE: R/S Written Passed!

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Finally knocked out the CCIE: R/S Written Exam!! The countdown has begun I’ve got 18 months to go pass the lab or I’ll be taking the written again!

If you’ve been following I’ve been studying for the CCIE: R/S for around a year now so the trek continues!

Now back to Cisco Live I go!!

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June 22, 2013 at 11:13 AM

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Blogging for two years now!!!!

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Well, its been another year time flies when your having fun! it’s hard to believe another year has flown by. It only feels like a few weeks ago, I did my last yearly post! I’d say the last year has been pretty good to me I got a SonicWall ceritifcation, my CCIP, & CCDP. Plus I started my way torwards my CCIE: R&S I’ve read and labbed for a lot of hours already reinforcing my knowledge.

So far I’ve got 65 articles published, which means I’ve published 35 new articles last year compared to the 30 articles I did my first year. Nowadays this blog averages 3600+ views a month where as last year it was only averaging around 1200-1400 views a month which means more and more of you guys are coming back! Thanks Guys!!! I’ve got much more in store for this blog this over the next year, I’m looking to get this blog its own domain and I have plans getting a few videos posted as well, so heres to another year of blogging!!

I’ve recently taken a Senior IT position within another MSP (Really recently, this will be my second week in the new position) so now I’ll get even more exposure to more technologies F5 Load Balancers, Nexus, IPS’s, and much more ASA related work on top of the normal switching and routing world that carriers it all (And I have couple wireless networks so we might be seeing wireless making a comeback!) So there will be many more blog posts coming down the pipe!

My top 5 articles:

  1. Understanding a Wi-Fi Connection with 3,406 views.
  2. Cisco Band Select with 2,703 views.
  3. Wireless Networking & the 5 GHz RF Range with 2,262 views.
  4. Cisco WLC Interfaces with 2,137 views.
  5. Cisco IOS DHCP Server with Option 43 for LWAP’s with 1,617 views

Total visits to my blog per date: 49,929!!!

Big changes from last year!!!!

Written by Stephen J. Occhiogrosso

September 24, 2012 at 8:29 AM

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