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Hello 2015!

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Hard to be believe 2014 is gone and and 2015 is here! Yea I know we are already a few days into 2015 but hey for some reason I still hear people saying “Happy New Year”, much like I still Christmas decorations out.

So what’s in store in for 2015!? Well we are going to find! I got a few things on my punch list: (always got to keep thinking ahead right?!)

  • Finish my CCNP: Data Center
  • Knock out the WCNA, Wireshark Certified Network Analyst. Figure by now I’ve got a decent amount of time clocked using Wireshark
  • Maybe brush up on some wireless technologies, my CWNA is about a year an half old now and renewal is slowly creeping up. Or maybe look at the CCNP: Wireless, but I don’t think that track has been updated in a while.
  • Deepen my knowledge of Voice.
  • Been debating on expanding the videos available on this blog. Or maybe even doing a podcast, I’ve bouncing the idea off the wall for quite some time now. Of course the term podcast might be an over-statement I’m thinking of maybe some recording technical discussions amongst friends.

It’s always nice to reflect on the past and what 2014 provided:

  • CiscoLive 2014 San Francisco, met up with a great people again and had a blast, learning some new things in the process!
  • Twitter – Got to admit Twitter is always fun and amazing resource. Big shout-out to the people that make my twitter entertaining and and lively!
  • Cisco Champions – Interacting with another great group of networking enthusiasts is always a great experience!
  • Exams!! I Think I knocked out 7-8 exams last year, finishing off my CCNP: Security, getting my CCNA: Data Center and falling one exam short of my CCNP: Data Center. I’m really starting to think the toughest part of getting a certification is acting finding the time to make it to testing center! But boy was 2014 a busy year.
  • SolarWinds Thwack Ambassador, got to post articles involving VoIP Monitoring & Troubleshooting for month over at Thwack. Being able to interact with a community that great was a real treat in itself!
  • 27 New posts went up on this blog, that is honestly much more than I thought I did, putting me well past the 100 post mark!
  • I might need to a running count on the number of bottles of Whisk(e)y I drink this year.
  • Too much more to even mention!

Here’s to 2015!

Written by Stephen J. Occhiogrosso

January 5, 2015 at 9:41 PM

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