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Let’s look at: UCS B-Series Blade to IOM Connectivity

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Being a network engineer one of the things that I really wondered about in the UCS B Series was how exactly do those server blades talk the IOM, now from the IOM to the FI’s its relatively simple you’ve got physical cables. However within the UCS B-Series chassis there are no cable per-say within the chassis however the blades are connected by an 802.3kr Backplane Ethernet.

There are actually a few things that come into play when considering the bandwidth/connectivity between the blades in the B-Chassis such as:

  • IOM Model -2104XP vs 2204XP vs 2208XP and so forth
    • The IOM Model depicts the following:
      • Number of Physical connection to the upstream FI
      • Amount of Throughput that can be carried through the chassis
      • Number of 10Gb IEEE 802.3kr connection into the Chassis
  • Adapter Type – Cisco VIC 1240/1280 vs M81KR vs 3rd Party Cisco Certified Adapter vs etc
    • Affect the number of virtual interfaces
    • Determines the amount of throughput per-fabric to/from the server
  • Number of adapters populated in the blades
    • Also determines the amount of throughput per fabric.

A physical representation of the connectivity:

UCS Blade Conn


I was able to get this info from, and this page has goes into detail regarding many of the different types of connectivity. It is definitely a good reference for planning out a UCS-B Series deployment. Granted this is only in regards to network connectivity and doesn’t talk about the requirements of the actual compute hardware itself.

P.S. I’ve been updating my CCIE: Data Center Study Link Page hope your still checking out!

Written by Stephen J. Occhiogrosso

October 13, 2014 at 8:01 AM

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