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The two types of people that go to Cisco Live.

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With Cisco Live US ( #CLUS ) 2015 slowly approaching, It’s becoming a popular topic and the question comes up, “Do you think it’s worth going to CLUS?”

Like most questions I answer I start with “Well, it kind of depends what you are going for”, CLUS is a big event and there is plenty to do. So it is safe to assume you (more than likely) will not be able to do everything you want. I’ve spoken to a lot of people who are planning on going to Cisco Live and you can almost classify everyone into one of two categories:

  • The technical person – Someone who loads up their schedule with the most in-depth technical sessions that interest them, and may also hang around the testing center to take advantage of the free exam and/or the 50% discount on exams during the conference. The Cisco Store is also more than likely on your list of places to hit, loading on Cisco merchandise or Cisco Press with discounted prices is totally worth checking. You might run through the World of Solutions to get some vendor swag and see what’s going on the industry from some of the bigger vendors and see what new products are hitting the market. More than likely you will be watching the clock getting ready to run to your next session.
    • Some other items on your list might be:
      • Meet the engineer – Is there some technology you really want discuss in depth or just discuss one-on-one with a Cisco engineer, well here is you chance!
      • TAC Walk-In Clinic – Got some issue that been bugging you or some a burning technical question, well go chat with some TAC engineers they are always more than willing to help.
  • The social person – Your first stop is the Social Hub, what better way to start CLUS then with all you Twitter friends at the Tweet-Up. The certification lounge is a great pit stop for chatting about your certification studies, but the Social Hub is where it’s at keeping track of the #CLUS hashtag and you can even watch the keynotes from the kozy couches. By meeting so many people you quickly know where to hang out at night when the conference ends, there’s usually a party every night you just need to know where to find it!
    • The World of Solutions is your next favorite place, what’s more fun than a scavenger hunt the #CLUS scavenger hunt!
    • When the conference is over with at the end of the day you don’t care because you already know where everyone is heading.

Or… you can grab a few coffees in the morning and then a few espresso shots in WoS and try to do everything!! Like I do, 4-days of Cisco goodness, got to make the most of it!

No matter what reason you have for attending Cisco Live, you are destined to have a good time. Who’s looking forward to this years CLUS backpack and this years CAE Hat?

If you have not registered, make sure you do! You can register here!

*There are way than two types of people that attend CLUS, but for the sake of comic relief lets say there are only two.


CLUS 2013 Tweet-up


CLUS 2014 Tweet-Up


CLUS 2014 -Cisco Live Photo.


Written by Stephen J. Occhiogrosso

February 24, 2015 at 10:00 AM

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