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Onward to CCIE!!

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Well, I’ve decided to go down the path and become a CCIE! After all I have my CCNP, CCIP, & CCDP I’ve really only got one more level to go to Expert! So while I am still building my lab, I only need a few more routers, a bunch of WICs, and even more cables I have enough to keep studying and moving forward.

So I’ll be trying to get out even more blog posts covering various topics, or whatever topics I stumble upon while tackling the CCIE (and I’m sure their will be a lot of them)

So here goes nothing! (and I’m sure I’ll be saying that 6+ months later when I’m still studying for this)

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May 17, 2012 at 7:45 PM

Lab page is up!

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Well, I’ve been buying Cisco equipment for some time now and I figured I finally got enough that I can show it off. I started off with a 3745 from a friend and two 2960’s I got from a good deal and slowly added some more routers. My end goal for this lab is to be capable of configuring anything I need whether it’s for studying or work related and I need build a customer network.

I’ll be adding even more as time goes on, and soon enough I will have enough to start labbing for the CCIE!

Written by Stephen J. Occhiogrosso

April 15, 2012 at 5:13 PM

Welcome 2012!!

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Hello 2012! I know I’m day late here but having finally gotten over a pretty nasty cold I can finally start the new year! A toast and a look back at 2011 to all the successes and failures it brought us, to all the lessons we learned, to all the friends we made, and people we met. May 2012 make us even greater and smarter than 2011 did!

2011 saw me starting a new position as network engineer for managed services provider, and getting my Server+, CCDA, CWTS, and passing my BGP+MPLS exam. I didn’t quite get to finish my CCIP in 2011 but I’ve got plenty of time in 2012 to take the QoS exam. I’ve got plans for 2012 (CCIP, CCDP, maybe start CCIE), and if your reading my blog I’m sure you got plans as well.

Here’s to you, me, and our goals may we both work hard to reach those goals!

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January 2, 2012 at 11:45 AM

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Expanding skill set to SonicWall.

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Well, I was taking a SonicWall class last week, and finally got around to taking the certification test earlier this evening. It was a 60 question exam, and I passed the exam with an 88%, not perfect but the passing score was an 80% plus I didn’t want to go back and double check all the questions I marked. Since the voucher code I was given provided me with 3 attempts I was not feeling the pressure. It wasn’t a very complex exam it had a mixture of basic IPSec, NAT, VPN functionality, but still not as in depth as what is covered in the CCNA/CCNA: Security exam if you’ve debugged a few IPSec VPN’s on a Cisco device you can definitely read the logs on a SonicWall device. The other half of the test was all related to SonicWall functionality its routing, security, & wireless features. If you’ve got some good security experience and can navigate your way through a SonicWall like the back of the your hand then I’d say go for it. Of course considering my existing number of certifications I have yet to find out if adding SonicWall to my credentials will pay off, only time will tell.

Now back to the 642-642 QoS Exam (Which I was studying for in the middle of the SonicWall class), let’s see if I can take & pass this exam by the end of the year!

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December 20, 2011 at 7:05 AM

Blogging for a year now!

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Well, I’ve been blogging for a year now. This seems like the perfect time for me to reflect back on the things I’ve done over the last year. The new technologies I’ve learned, my professional and personal accomplishments. In my year of blogging I’ve published 30 articles, and I’ve got 14 articles in my drafts bin so I got a lot more information to get out. When I first started my blog I only had a dozen or so hits, now a year later I’m getting 1200-1500 views a month and for that I just want to say thank you for visiting. I do hope some of my articles have helped you out and provided you with some good information!!

Throughout the course of the last year and my blog, I’ve learned and passed my CWTS, CCDA, and Server+ exams! I was pursuing my CWNA but because I took a new job for a managed services provided designing and managing/maintaining networks around the world I had to withdraw from my CWNA studies, which explains why my last few articles have shifted from WLAN technologies to a more routing nature, I’ve also been diligently studying to acquire my CCIP certification so expect to some more BGP information from me as well some MPLS and QoS material. I also see some IPSec, Firewall, GRE, and other layer three topics showing up here on my blog in the future, so stay tuned for some more good info!

My Top 5 articles:

  1. Cisco Band Select with 998 views
  2. Cisco WLC Interfaces with 656 views
  3. Understand a Wi-Fi Connection with 590 views
  4. Wireless Networking and the 5 GHz RF Range with 469 views
  5. Cisco Band Select and Client RSSI with 369 views.
Totals visits to my blog to date: 10,845!!!


Steve Occh

Written by Stephen J. Occhiogrosso

September 27, 2011 at 8:44 AM

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A shift in direction and a new job.

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I am well aware I have not posted anything at all recently (Practically an entire month has gone by), trust me I have not forgotten about my blog at all.

I will be starting a new job within the next week, and I have just been preparing myself for it. This new position is a 100% network engineering role for managed services company so I will be saying good bye to days of supporting of Windows, VMWare, BES, Lotus, etc. While I have mixed feeling of leaving server administration I am more than happy to finally focus completely on networking and Cisco. This can only mean more good things will come to this blog.

Written by Stephen J. Occhiogrosso

July 24, 2011 at 12:05 PM

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