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Working with Cisco Access Control Lists / ACLs.

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I know ACLs, how complicated can they be and how hard is it to work with ACLs? Not a very tough concept right, well what happens when you want to add ACEs (Access Control Entry) into an ACL before other entries? Remember an ACL will match from the top down. I’ve seen people completely rip out an ACL just to put it back in with one addition entry. Let’s take a look at an ACL and what we can do to change this around.

Now here we got a simple ACL:

First thing we see on the left is the sequence number for each specific ACE, remember all ACEs are given a sequence number, and by default the first ACE starts at sequence number 10, and any subsequent ACEs are given a sequence number 10 digits up. This is why the sequence numbers are incrementing by 10.

Now, let’s say the /24 network was recently subnetted and we need to deny FTP traffic from the /25 subnet, well we need to add the new entries before sequence number 20. So let’s jump into ACL Configuration mode and see what we can do.

So from global configuration mode we enter ip access-list extended OutBoundAccess, make note you can also change standard ACLs like this. So this is not just limited to extended ACLs. Notice the configuration mode has changed, now we are in R1(config-ext-nacl)# allowing us to continue configuring this OutBoundAccess ACL. So let’s go ahead and continue with our configuration, first we want to start with a sequence number lower then 20 and we want to deny FTP traffic from the /25 subnet.

Once we add the command we can issue the show command to verify the new ACE is in the correct location, and indeed it is.

Now let’s go a step further, let’s say we ran out of sequence numbers between 10 to 20 and we need get a few more ACEs in there.

Sure, we could add them before sequence number 10 but for the sake of this example let’s see we can’t. What we need to do is re-sequence the ACL.

We entered the command ip access-list resequence OutBoundAccess 10 10 resequencing the OutBoundACL starting with sequence number 10, in increments of 10. Look at the sequence numbers now. This allows us to keep adding entries where we need to. This definitely makes it easier to add entries and move entries around an ACL with minimal effort.

Written by Stephen J. Occhiogrosso

January 9, 2012 at 7:09 AM

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