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CCIE Challenge 1: Manipulating EIGRP Routing

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So last week (Well actually months ago at this point) I was helping out one of buddies who is working on his ROUTE exam and he was working through an EIGRP load sharing lab involving the variance command and interface metrics, after I read through the lab and looked at the requirements I came up with a completely different way to complete lab then what was expected. So I figured I would alter the lab and post it up here:

EIGRP Challenge


  1. You want R1 to load share over links Serial0/0 and Serial0/1 that connect to R2 to reach the /32 prefix on R3.


  1. You cannot make any configuration changes to R1.
  2. You cannot create any static routes.
  3. You cannot create any additional interfaces.
  4. You cannot configure any additional routing protocols. (IE: OSPF, BGP, etc)
  5. You cannot change any AS types.
  6. You cannot change which EIGRP ‘k’ values are being used.
  7. You cannot change any of the metrics on the existing interfaces.
  8. The solution must involve EIGRP.

You can download the starting configurations here:

There is also a GNS3 .Net file included in there as well.

Have Fun!

Written by Stephen J. Occhiogrosso

June 3, 2013 at 6:42 PM

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