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Packet flow through a Cisco ASA.

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As I was reading my Cisco Firewalls book I found this picture (very early on to) concerning how a Cisco ASA handles traffic passing through the device and the logic behind it. it’s a chart worth paying attention to in my opinion. I mean we are going to be practical here, you are not going to run off and debug ip packet for every ASA issue you run into but knowing and understanding the flow chart below will surely give you an edge when troubleshooting ASA connectivity issues.

Now looking this at first glance might be slightly intimidating but in the end this is nothing more than a flow chart. Now, as you follow this flow chart much of the actions will seem like common sense:

  • If the ASA does not have a route to the destination the traffic gets dropped. (Of course)
  • If the traffic is denied by an ACL it gets dropped. (As we would expect)
  • If an Inspect rule is configured to drop the it get dropped. (Once again, as we would expect)

What I think makes this flow chart most valuable is the fact you see in which order these rules are applied looking at the flow chart we see the following order:

  1. ACL’s will be checked first.
  2. NAT rules will checked second.
  3. Inspect policies will applied next.
  4. Then after all that the packet enters IPS-AIM Module for inspection, after that it leaves through the egress interface.

Written by Stephen J. Occhiogrosso

November 15, 2011 at 7:25 AM

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