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CCNP: Security track update!

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Well, I managed to pass my VPN exam a few weeks ago meaning I got half my CCNP: Security since I passed FIREWALL sometime last year. So I started back on my IPS studies thinking life was all good, and then some friends on pointed out the fact the CCNP: Security track has a pending update!

It looks like the entire track is getting an overhaul! No more SECURE, IPS, FIREWALL, & VPN! Now we have:

SISAS – Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions

SITCS – Implementing Cisco Edge Network Security Solutions

SENSS – Implementing Cisco Security Mobility Solutions

SIMOS – Implementing Cisco Threat Control Solutions

(Honestly I think the site mixed up on some of those, SENSS looks like Edge Network Security Solutions to me, but we will see if Cisco updates the page)

They have also published a migration path for people that are currently going through the CCNP: Security track (Like I am)

SISAS <-> SECURE Replacement

SITCS  <-> IPS Replacement

SENSS <-> FIREWALL Replacement

SIMOS <-> VPN Replacement

Looks like the old exams are still available until April 21st, so you have three months to tackle the original exams.

You can find more about the new CCNP: Security track here.

Along with the change it looks like Cisco is going to be retiring the many security specialist titles that come with obtaining the CCNP: Security exam. You can find more information about that here.

2 Exams in three months (IPS & SECURE), the race is on for me! Wish me luck!

Written by Stephen J. Occhiogrosso

January 22, 2014 at 9:09 AM

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