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Looks like the Cisco Certification team has been busy lately, earlier this year the CCNP: Security track got an update and recently an update to the CCNP: Route/Switch was just announced. Before you get too worried if you are currently studying for the current exams, you have until January 2015 before the current exams get retired. So you still have plenty of time to study.

To highlight a few of the changes:

Route v2 300-101:

  • Much more IPv6 related topics.
  • The introduction of DMVPN
  • CEF Concepts
  • Various security technologies

Switch v2 300-115

  • Stackwise technologies
  • Removal of VoIP, Video, & Wireless topics
  • L2 Security technologies

TShoot v2 300-135

  • Mixture of the new Routev2 & Switchv2 Technologies.

Looks like the newer CCNP: Route/Switch objectives are really going to focus on routing & switching technologies and less on other networking technologies. These new objectives also line up closer with the new CCIEv5.

Now, I took the older CCNP exams (the old ONT, ISCW, BCMSN, BSCI) but it is interesting to see how these exams grow and evolve over time. I will definitely say I am surprised to see the removal of Wireless, Voice, & especially QoS from the CCNP: R/S exams. While I understand the CCNP: R/S should focus on well Routing & Switching, I also think it is important for engineers know of these other technologies especially QoS.

What do you guys think?

Written by Stephen J. Occhiogrosso

July 29, 2014 at 7:47 PM

4 Responses

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  1. I guess I better hurry up and finish my CCNP Route test! I can understand them removing wireless and voice from the tests but I agree that QoS should be kept.


    August 6, 2014 at 9:19 AM

  2. I am a current CCNA holder (for the past 2 years) and working on my CCNP. I passed the CCNP switch (642-813) about a year and a half ago and am working on the CCNP route test (642-902) next. I know thats a slower than average timeline for the cert but I am more interested in really mastering the material before I move on. I was going to hurry and take the 642-902 test but I think im going to take the 300-101 test instead. Reason being is that the material seems much more applicable to what I am doing at my job. I have been working with DMVPN/NHRP technologies at my job and because ive never seen any of it before in either real life or the cisco studies ive been fairly lost to say the least. I feel that even after completing the 642 series route test it would leave me inadequately prepared for my current role. I feel like taking the 300-101 test is going to prepare me more for the real world and I want to be one of people who actually know what they are doing instead of someone who is simply a certification holder. I wouldn’t say the same for 642-813 test though. The only thing ive seen in the data center environment that wasn’t on the test is the 3750 stuff which appears to be in the new series. However Thats something that ive picked up fairly easy so im confident that I am properly prepared having taken the 642-902 exam VS the new one. But I cant really say the same for the 642-813 exam because NHRP and DMVPN is WAY more complex in my opinion. I am excited to finish my studying wtih the 300-101 exam. The only problem is there isn’t an official cert guide yet! There is a rough cut which I think is good but you can only order the digital copy.

    Anyways thats just my 2 cents! Great site BTW! Tons of good info.

    Michael Martinez

    September 18, 2014 at 12:34 AM

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